Taking the Lead!

Students met with some four legged friends this week and a great time was had by all.

Donna Sayce from the Leeds Dog’s Trust met with 3 of our students and introduced them to two of their long term inmates, Dennis a 17–year-old Jack Russell and Buttercup, a friendly Terrier cross.

Our students will be meeting up with these two canines on a regular basis and will be learning how to care for these animals and will undertake lessons in grooming, diet and exercise and even how to make homemade doggie treats and our boys are looking forward to next week’s lesson which will be “The Dog Obstacle Course” At the end of the course they will achieve a Certificate in Caring for Canines, but one of the largest benefits has to be the welcome calming effect these animals have on our students.

Our boys are counting the hours to the next doggy day!





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