Welcome to Our School Blog; Springwell Leeds.

Springwell Leeds is a specialist academy school based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.



Why are we blogging?

… To have an online space to learn, whether this be at school or at home.

… To share our stories, creations and discoveries.

… To have an online space that allows us to develop our knowledge and understanding about eSafety, digital citizenship and digital technologies.



Our Blogging Rules

  • We will keep our personal information private – we will never share our personal information.
  • We will always tell an adult who we can trust, if we feel uncomfortable about something, online or offline.
  • We will always post engaging content on Our School Blog – we will never post content that our viewers may find offensive or harmful.
  • Our School Blog contributes towards the development of our digital footprints therefore we agree that we will build a positive online identity and digital footprints that we are proud of.


Thank you for visiting Our School Blog, Springwell Leeds. We hope you enjoy looking at our cool creations and delightful discoveries!

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