Awful Auntie

This term we are reading the awesome, brilliant book Awful Auntie that is written by David Walliams.

Whilst reading the book, we will be engaging in a range of activities to support learning, so please continue to check back to this web page for regular updates about learning activities that you can do.

All About Owls

Visit the Owl Pages website to learn all about owls!

RSPB Website

Learn more facts about owls.

Owl Adventures Website

Owl Adventures is a falconry that visits schools with a range of owls.

The World of David Walliams

Find out more about David on his website.

CBBC Website

Visit this website for a range of films based on the books written by David Walliams

Dream Catchers

Whilst reading the book Awful Auntie, you will make a ‘Dream Catcher’ for Stella Saxby. Visit this website to learn about Dream Catchers.

Barn Owl Trust

Design a Mansion



Make a Dream Catcher or Worry Doll …

Make a Dream Catcher or a Worry Doll for Stella Saxby. To do this activity, first make a list of all the materials that you will need such as lolly pop sticks, wool, glue and feathers. With staff, order your materials from Amazon; make a spreadsheet with the names of the materials and hyperlink each item to the URL (website address) from where it can be purchased. Calculate the total price for all the items. When your items arrive, make a Worry Doll or Dream Catcher!

Research different owl species. Here are a few suggestions about what you could find out …

  • How many different owls exist?
  • What is similar to all owls?
  • What differences do owls have?
  • What do owls eat?
  • What are owl pellets, and how are they produced?
  • Compare an owl with the Bavarian Mountain Owl, that features in Awful Auntie.
  • Compare owl differences  such as height or wingspan.

Make a poster about David Walliams, owls, or the book Awful Auntie. Include facts about your chosen topic.

Make a game: make then play Tiddlywinks. But don’t play using Aunt Alberta’s rules!

Research Bavaria, which is in Germany. Find out key statistics such as population, and area. Compare statistics with other places in the world.

Bake Bavarian food: Research, find recipes and then make Bavarian food.

Make a model of the mansion, Saxby Hall, that features in Awful Auntie.

Make a papier-mâché Aunt Alberta, Stella, or Wager (or any other character of your choice!).

Write a book review.