‘Holes’ is a novel written by Louis Sachar. The book is about a 14 year old boy called Stanley Yelnats who is sent to Camp Green Lake for stealing a pair of trainers.

During this term, we are reading the book Holes, and we will be doing a range of activities in Elements to support learning. As you scroll down this page, you will find links to support your learning. The page will be updated on a regular basis throughout the term, so keep checking back to find new activities.

Stay tuned as we will post regular blog entries about our learning! 👍

Holes Book Cover

Holes Movie Trailer

You can watch the movie trailer for Holes below:

Activities for you to explore whilst studying the novel:

Holes Character Profiles

Learn more about each character that is featured in the story.

Louis Sachar’s Website

Learn more about Louis Sachar and the books that he has written.

Holes Audiobook

Listen to the Holes story.

Miss Katherine’s Spiced Peaches Recipe

Follow the recipe to create your very own, delicious spiced peaches!

Holes Online Games

Play games about the Holes story. When you visit this website, you need to click on ‘Explore’ to see the different games that you can play. (Use the Puffin web browser if you are accessing the games on an iPad.)

Create a Holes Storyboard

Create a storyboard for the Holes story. You can add characters, scenes and more to build your storyboard. Once you have finished, screenshot your storyboard and save to your photo stream on your iPad. Here is an example:


Holes Quiz 

If you have finished reading the story, try the Holes quiz. There are 10 questions for you to answer.


Palindromes are words that are the same forwards and backwards, just like the name Stanley Yelnats. Some numbers are also palindromes such as 121. Investigate adding pairs of palindromic numbers together such as 121 + 121. Is the answer a palindrome? Can you find a rule?

Geography Games

A range of games including deserts, capitals, countries and flags.

Desert Slideshows & Videos 

Slideshow (08:30 mins): The Desert 


Slideshow (1 min): The Desert 


Video: A Day in the Desert


World’s Largest Deserts

Discover the world’s largest deserts.

Top 11 Most Dangerous Desert Animals

Discover the most dangerous desert animals and facts about them.

The Chihuahuan Desert

Discover facts about the Chihuahuan desert in North America.

The Chihuahuan Desert Interactive

DIscover more about the desert, then create your own interactive guide! Hint: you need to click on the ‘hot spots’ to find out more!

Desert Animals Interactive

DIscover more about desert animals, then create your own interactive guide! Hint: you need to click on the ‘hot spots’ to find out more!

Desert animals

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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